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Located in the heart of Cairns,

The Wicked Goblin is located close to the CBD bus terminal, taxi rank and City Council car parking tower (for more information on parking options in the city - check the council website here)


fancy a hot drink in the cool air con?


The Goblin proudly supports a local roaster and the blend of choice is the Ransom: Screaming Maasai - a full flavoured blend which has been produced and roasted to give you some serious bang for your buck regardless of how you like it - short, long, with or without milk!

All coffee & loose leaf tea served at The Goblin is organic.

The Wicked Goblin opened it's doors on Friday 13th September, 2013 and is owned and managed by local Cairns couple, Michael and Stephanie Archer.  


Michael (Mick) Archer has had a keen interest in all forms of gaming for the last 30+ years, and researched and planned this retail venture for six years prior to opening. He has scoped the industry on an international and Australia-wide level learning from the best to provide the most comprehensive gaming experience possible. 

He also has extensive retail, hospitality and event management experience and has brought a unique offering to the North Queensland gaming market.

The Goblin brings a big city gaming atmosphere to Cairns, with large dedicated space for gamers to get together for a range of tournaments, as well as a central place to buy the latest products.


Stephanie's keen interest in art and painting has ensured The Wicked Goblin has a plentiful supply of scenery and gaming terrain.  You'll find Stephanie, helping Michael on busy tournament days, usually on the weekends.


Get to


the goblin

The Wicked Goblin has been designed and planned with local gamers in mind at every stage.  The store adapts to feedback and requests from gamers with ideas and suggestions always welcome. 

In October 2016, The Goblin (now referred to by family and friends as 'Goblin 2.0') relocated from it's 44 Lake Street store, up the street to 90-92 Lake Street.  The new bigger location ensured the same gaming lounge atmosphere with the addition of customer suggestions such as organic barista coffee and tea, increased snack and cold drink selection, central flat screen to display tournament results for big events and enough space in the gaming lounge to accommodate all game types at the same time.  Missing out on gaming space in peak times is a thing of the past!

The Goblin 2.0 has been designed for maximum fun, easy shopping in a friendly atmosphere overlooking the Cairns CBD and iconic fig trees.

But don't take our word for it....

the reviews are in...

Golden D6 Online Magazine - FLGS February

Thursday 23rd February 2017

Rob Farquhar - Paid To Play Podcast

I could say a lot about The Wicked Goblin. It's an FLGS success in a tropical, coastal country city. It's well lit, well appointed and well decorated, with plenty of natural light. Its owner-operators and staff are all cool, outgoing people. Thanks to a relocation late last year, it now offers even more table space for gamers to try the store's open box selection or the games they've just splurged on.

But I go for the community that the place fosters. There may be Games Workshop, an EB Games and Zing franchises in town, but thanks to all the hard work Mick and Steph Archer put in, The Wicked Goblin feels like a place where it's safe to just come hang out without any pressure to Buy Stuff. While Mick, the Goblin's co-owner and primary game fan/counter monkey, may recognise that people feeling good about being in his store makes them more inclined to buy, he's no business cynic. He loves his product and his store at least as much as his guests and customers do and will demo a game for you at the drop of a hat. Even in its smaller initial location, Mick made sure to give at least half his floor space over to gaming and painting tables.

It's that love and enthusiasm that made The Wicked Goblin the de facto home for Cairns' main board gaming community pretty much from when the store opened. Cairns Boardgamers had had to struggle with short hours and noise restrictions at library venues; now, I can catch up with my friends in the group who are almost always about in force on Thursdays and Saturdays almost from open to close. On other days, I can find Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Star Wars: Destiny, Netrunner, Warhammer, WarMachine/Hordes and Infinity players raring to go.

It certainly doesn't hurt that Mick and Steph have given us more reason to stick around by expanding the shop's array of personal nourishment products into fresh coffees and biscuits from local producers!

Finally, there's the fact that the Goblin is right in the middle of Cairns, which gives people around the area, who are notorious for seeing any car trip of over twenty minutes one way as too long a hike, a place to congregate.

The Wicked Goblin really is the home away from home for Cairns' tabletop gaming fans, and that's why I go.

That, and the exercise. The Archers quite literally levelled his business up when it moved. Check the flight of stairs out!

We Got Game - Cairns Boardgamers Blog

​Tuesday 17th September 2013

Corey Edwards




Well, Friday saw the opening of Cairns’ first dedicated games shop in about 10 years (old timers like me may remember Amazin’ or, even further back, the one in Oceania Walk, behind the surf shop).


I’ve got to tell you that I’m really excited by this, and not just because it’s a game shop … I’m excited because I think the Wicked Goblin has the potential to last. It seems like these things go on a rotation; someone thinks “I love [insert hobby here]. I’m going to open a store.” Then, on a budget of hopes and dreams, they open a dingy shop in a dodgy location and eke out a brief existence, relying on a core group of regulars (hell, no-one else would venture into such a place) until they admit defeat and close up shop, assimilating all the store merchandise into their own collections. I’m pleased to say that Mick and Stephanie’s offering to the Cairns gaming scene is a very different proposition.


There are 5 reasons why I think that The Wicked Goblin is going to succeed:


Location. Situated in Lake St, TWG sees a lot of foot traffic and also offers street parking. Perhaps more important, its somewhere you can go to game knowing that a good, cheap meal is less than 100 meters away.


Range. TWG stocks a serious range of games. From the obligatory Games Workshop and Magic the Gathering range to tabletop alternates like Warmachine and Historical 25mm offerings. I saw both Warhammer and Pathfinder RPG manuals and also ‘Living Card’ games like the Game of Thrones series. Most importantly to this readership, they stock board games not Monopoly or Guess Who, but real boardgames like Settlers of Catan, Power Grid and Forbidden Island. I was incredibly covetous of Mice and Mystics, which is definitely one of the games to watch in 2013 and isn’t available anywhere in Australia (you can get it from Amazon or Ebay, but you’ll pay a premium for it, I assure you). I was also pleasantly surprised to see Pandemic on the Brink, which wasn’t scheduled for release here until November.


Price. There isn’t a store on the planet that can compete with the online warehouses operating out of the UK or US, so let’s not kid ourselves that you’ll find it cheaper at TWG than you would online. Having said that, prices at TWG are, on agerage, between 5-15% more than online and I for one am willing to pay a bit more to support the local bloke … especially when they provide us with such an excellent gaming space. Which brings me to:

Store layout. TWG is a big, clean, well-laid out store. You could see it in the faces of the general public passing by. They looked through the window and, far from being repelled by what they saw, came in and browsed. I have no doubt that they will remember the Wicked Goblin when next they get the itch to pull out a boardgame on holidays or are preparing for a Cyclone. Back to the layout, the white walls and multiple tables (which, I was impressed to note, packed away and were re-configured in minutes) were sensible, but separated from the shelves … vanilla people could come in an have a look without feeling engulfed in a nerdnami. There were two distinct areas, a gaming lounge and a store. I for one appreciated this, because it was somewhere my wife would gladly spend time (as opposed to a Games Workshop store where the heavy metal and overpowering musk of teenage BO gives her a headache).


Mick and Stephanie. The term ‘good people’ immediately springs to mind when I think back to my meeting with them. I was genuinely impressed by them; Mick was all smiles whenever the door opened and they both knew their product lines well. I’m often unimpressed by the kind of people who run specialist stores; they generally tend to be aloof and more than a bit superior. Mick and Stephanie are genuine, down to earth people with a good manner and an open approach.


When all’s said and done, The Wicked Goblin fills a gap in Cairns’ gaming community and I certainly wish them well. Of course, we could all continue on buying our games from the ‘net, saving a few bucks here and there, but I’d like to think that we’re going to be able to support Mick and Stephanie; after all, they’ve put their livelihoods on the line to support our hobby.

facebook followers keeping it real

I have lived all over Australia now and The Wicked Goblin is by far the best gaming store I have had the pleasure of spending my dollars in. Mick is an absolute pleasure to deal with and always gives great advice. Can always count on him for a good recommendation or a good chat. Coming in for a new game and a yarn is one of the biggest things I miss about living in Cairns. Do yourself a favour and stop by! Scott A.

We travel all the way from Townsville just to come to this shop to stock up on board games as we have not much in Townsville who offer the selection like wicked goblin offers simply the best by far!  Anne H.

Honestly never felt more welcome in an FLGS. Great variety and great people. Can't ask for much more.  Geoffrey D.

Honestly the best in cairns and I just fit right in with others and make a lot of mates.  Ben U.

Great atmosphere, plenty of space and reasonably priced snacks. Wide range of products, too.  Rory C.

Popped in for a quick look around whilst on my holiday and was met with one of the nicest retail experiences ever. 
Thank guys. Will be back again next time i am in town.
Matt S.

Great store and great customer service, looking forward to coming back to play some magic the gathering.  Kevin T.

What an awesome shop! Son and I were visiting from Sydney and went to two Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. Such a friendly crowd, so much so that son wants to move north just to be near the shop. Thanks Mick and players for your hospitality.  Rachael K.

My son loves this place because it's a place where you can have fun, make friends and relax.  Elena N.

Excellent service and customer care. Wide product range and friendly helpful advice. Large space provided for games to be played in store.  Alex L.

we could go on..

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