It's like the naughty love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity.


Do you want to wet yourself with laughter and get a glimpse of how naughty your friends really are?


Then you should play Gutterhead, the fiendishly filthy adult party game where teams compete head-to-head to out-draw and out-guess their opponents. One member from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word while their respective teammates frantically try to guess the word before another team does. The first team to guess correctly wins the round.


  • 240 Hilarious drawing cards
  • Divided across 5 categories
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that with this many cards your next game will be as uniquely filthy and funny as the last!


  • Players: 4-16

    Age: 18+

    Playtime: 30-60 mins